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I just wanted to comment that I have both disorders, and treating the adhd first was far more important. In some people, the bipolar should be treated first, but in many, many cases (like mine), the adhd is so overwhelming and consuming, that the medication for the bipolar was making me sick and had to be stopped. Once the ADHD medicine was in place and working properly, then I began the bipolar treatment with much better results. My doctor who is considered an expert in that area has said that since both illnesses can go hand in hand it is not very common for people to realize that they have both. More often than not the adhd does hve to be treated first.


Timothy Gibbs

I am trying to get properly diagnosed and figure out whether I have ADHD or bipolar disorder. I have been to several different mental health professionals, all of whom say I am bipolar. However, I have taken several on-line ADHD test and have scored off the charts on all of them. I have every single symptom of ADHD. It is my understanding that the symptoms of both disorders are very similar. However, I have every single symptom, without exception that ADHD exhibits. The mental health professionals I've talked to just seem to dismiss it and automatically want to say it is bipolar disorder. I think they may be wrong, but i'm not a mental health professional. Ijust want to make sure that if I am taking medication for the rest of my life, it is for the right thing. Why don't they want to consider ADHD?

Jason Edwards

i have both, dont take pills. its awesome add pills kill your personality and i dont want pills for bipolar because with hypomania comes extremely creative thinking.

(B F)

i have rapidcycling bi-polar and add. i am on lamictal for bi-polar but i am not being trested for my add. my doctor told me that any add medication would most likely send me into a mania. does anyone know of a medication that i might be able to take? maybe one that treats both?


Hi All,
Having ADD is a very serious problem that i can understand very well. One of my friend's brother faced the same problem long ago. His everyday went in stress and nothing else. We do have lots contacts of doctors who really would like to answer your queries regarding the same. please ask your queries and problems and i will be back for sure.


Dual Diagnosis

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