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Mike Doyle

Out of all of these, I think the crux is planning. I don't think it's necessarily over-emphasized. You can't plan financially unless you, well, plan. But everything else comes into play--level of commitment, emotional obstacles, unclear life goals--and sometimes you just shut down in ADHD-overwhelmed mode and just can't make yourself plan.

I do this. A good friend does this big time, and the results in either case are not pretty. If all the other factors blogged about here are not in support of giving yourself a safe time/place/opportunity to sit down and plan, then there's bound to be a problem.


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Financial Course Blog

Interesting set of articles and very practical. I'm not sure yet in which category I fall the most of the time but still it's nice and good to think about.



I find the structure of this post interesting. For someone with ADD who admittedly has trouble focusing and staying on one topic for very long, didn't you make it difficult to get through this article by making every reason a different link?

John MacKenzie


You make a good point. I will play around with the formatting.

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