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Jeanne Cronin

I have been following with interest the discussion regarding ADD/ADHD as a gift. I am 67 years old, diagnosed with ADD about five years ago. Although I have great regard for Dr. Hallowell, and appreciate enormously the work he has done, and continues to do regarding ADD, I agree with Jeff's A.D.D. mind. ADD's gifts (??!!) come cost dearly. I have been fired from every job I ever had. I continue to struggle with that accumulation of failure. Multi-tasking is a myth and a hoax - it is neither possible, nor desirable. And this pervasive feeling of always being out-of-step is at the root of life long depression. These feelings are further compounded by my failure to see ADD as a gift. I have never aspired to anything greater than peace of mind. That has proven to be an elusive goal.

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