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Hello I’m Nancy Venable, a blogger, mom, wife and do-gooder. I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Paul, my husband and two children that rock my world.

Paul is the inspiration of this blog. He has ADD which is a condition known as attention deficit disorder. Throughout the years I have learned how to live with this and to be a support to Paul. The reason I am telling you this is because this is what started and inspired this blog. I therefore write about the disorder but also focus on broader aspects in life such as general lifestyle and life issues itself.

I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts and am loving it here. I moved here with Paul a few years ago where we started a family and now have a little boy and an older girl that inspire me completely.

I contemplated starting this blog a number of years ago. However, in recent times, I plucked up the motivation to start a blog. I can honestly say that is was a great decision.

I started to build my blog as a hobby in the beginning where it would become a way for me to express myself and how I felt, but it has gone on to be much more than that and to become a resource of education. Initially it was to do with attention deficit disorder and to educate readers about this disorder. Since then, it has grown to be very broad in topic because I write about, but I like to write about, and have discovered that my readers like that to. In fact, my website’s purpose has become a means to educate people. I am convinced that having a quest for knowledge has the potential to empower you to achieve a lot of what you want in yours and your family’s life.

I really hope you get inspired with what I write about as I research life itself.

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