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Blogging is like Money Management


Sometimes I get very frustrated when I put time and effort into writing and promoting my blog and I don’t see immediate results. Similar to many adults with ADD, I am prone to being impatient when I do not have full control over the outcome. This led me to think about other areas where I have limited control over the outcome of a situation. Seeing how this site is about money, I began to think about money management and how I don’t see an immediate improvement in my credit score when I pay my credit card balance down.  When I think about it there are several similarities between writing a blog and managing money:


  1. Both require setting goals for what you want to achieve.

If you write random blog entries that are not connected in anyway no one will want to come back to your blog. If you spend your money randomly without a plan no one will want to lend you money when you need it.

  1. Both require consistency.

If you do not update your blog regularly people will not want to come back to your blog. If you do not pay your bills regularly people will come by your house to repossess your stuff.

  1. Both require delayed gratification.

If your blog has a theme and you are consistent with writing and promoting, you blog then you will attract more readers. If you have clear financial goals and are consistent with following them then your credit score and net worth will go up.

  1. Both turn out better if you ask for help.

My other half (who has a better understanding of web blogs than I do) has helped me out immensely in building up this blog. If you have someone that you can discuss your finances with it will help you to avoid mistakes and will keep you motivated to achieve your goals.


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Hello my name's Nancy Venable and welcome to my blog.

Here I talk about lifestyle issues. For me, my world is centred around attention deficit disorder where my husband suffers from this.

I have created this blog as a means of expressing myself and also to do something together with my husband that will enable me to enrich our lives as well as our readers.

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