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Five Ways I Wasted Money This Week


Here are five ways that I wasted money last week and why I wasted the money.

  1. Wasted $2.00 on ATM Fees. Too lazy to drive to my own bank ATM ( I saved about 5 minutes of time)
  2. Spent 5.00 on a small, iced latte and a breakfast sandwich. Could have bought a bottle of latte at supermarket for 1.25 and made my own sandwich for around or under a dollar. (Wasted at least $2.75)
  3. Wasted .98 cents by not filling up at a cheaper gas station. Didn’t fill up the car earlier and I needed to fill up before I ran out of gas. I did not want to just put in a couple of gallons and fill up again at a cheaper gas station.
  4. Paid the four dollar fee per month to generate a bill for auto insurance. I could have the amount deducted from my account if I did not want to pay the fee. I am planning on doing this next month.
  5. Bought a magazine for $3.99 that I read on a regular basis. If I got the subscription, I would be paying $0.77 a month. Amount wasted $3.22

Total amount wasted this week $12.95. It was pretty easy for me to find five ways that I wasted money in a week. Adults with ADD tend to lose track of the small expenses that can add up to a lot of money. It is easy to view money management as just creating a budget and paying your bills on a regular basis, however it is more important to think of money management as something that you have control over on a day to day basis.


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Hello my name's Nancy Venable and welcome to my blog.

Here I talk about lifestyle issues. For me, my world is centred around attention deficit disorder where my husband suffers from this.

I have created this blog as a means of expressing myself and also to do something together with my husband that will enable me to enrich our lives as well as our readers.

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