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Reasons Why Adults With ADD Should Avoid Playing The lottery


For every bad decision there are usually at least a couple of good reasons why the decisions was made. Adults with ADD can be easily swayed to make a bad impulsive financial decision. If you are making a big financial decision you need to give yourself the time to thoroughly research what you are buying or agreeing to so that you know both the positive and negative aspects of your investment.

Playing the lottery on a regular basis is a bad financial strategy. Statistically you will get a negative return for the money that you invest in playing the lottery. However if you just focused on these three reasons you might be inclined to make the lottery part of your investing portfolio.

Tip #1

If you are skilled enough to invest in the next Microsoft or Google you might get a hundred times what you had originally invested. With the Lottery you have the potential to get a million or more times your original investment. Although the odds are slim that you will win, no other investment opportunity has the potential to dramatically change your life like the lottery can.

Tip #2

The lottery should be used as a one-time investment strategy, if you invest enough money in certain lottery games with lots of small cash prizes, you have a good chance at some point of making more money than you had originally invested. The reason why the lottery is such a bad investment is that people do not have the ability to stop once they are winning money. If you simply stop spending money once you are ahead you will make a good one time return.

Tip #3

Investing in the Lottery is simple. You do not have to worry about paying fees, research, ordering or regular tracking. For most lotteries you will find out what your return is within a couple of days.


The Lottery is a simple fun way to invest excess funds with a chance at a large return on your investment. The Lottery should be included as an important part of your high risk investment portfolio.


It can be dangerous for many Adults with ADD to even start playing the lottery on a regular basis because they are more inclined to develop a gambling addiction.  The lottery should not be used by anyone as part of an “investment strategy”.


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