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Why Traditional Advice on Money Management might not be right for Adults with ADD


The first thing that many financial planners will want you to do is to figure out what you want to accomplish with your money. This is sound financial advice (see previous entry Money Management Philosophy). However, some Adults with ADD have to deal with surviving the present and are not ready or able to think about the future.

If you are in the survival mode, survival is the goal that you have to focus on. If you were lost in the woods, one thing that would help you is to try to figure out where you are. The same thing holds true for your finances. By Preparing a Net Worth Statement you can figure out where you are, this will also help you to diagnose the areas where you need the most help (impulsive spending, forgetting to pay bills, not earning enough money, etc.).

After you figure out where you are, your next goal is to maintain or increase your strength so that you can go in the direction that you want to go. There are three things that you want to focus on in order to maintain and increase your financial strength:

  1. Pay Bills on time
  2. Pay down debt
  3. Increase Savings

If you focus on these things, you will be in a better position when you are able to establish long term goals.


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