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Why You Should Avoid Rent to Own Furniture


For every bad decision there are usually at least a couple of good reasons why the decisions were made. Adults with ADD can be easily swayed to make a bad impulsive financial decision. If you are making a big financial decision you need to give yourself the time to thoroughly research what you are buying or agreeing to so that you know both the positive and negative aspects of your investment.

Purchasing furniture from a rent to own store is a costly financial decision. After rental and other fees, you are effectively paying an interest rate of 100 % of more based on what the item would have cost you to buy at another store. These stores take advantage of impulsive people with bad credit who think that they need a piece of furniture or electronics right away. If you would like more information why this is such a bad idea, please read Rent to Own. However, if you really want some furniture or electronics, you can be easily swayed by a salesperson with a couple of good reasons why you should rent to own your furniture.

By purchasing furniture at a rent to own store you can get an item today without having to spend money up front. This will give you the budget flexibility that you need to have nice furniture and to pay all of your current bills. Since you are only paying a small amount of money each week you can easily afford that without having to worry that you will not be able to pay your bills in the future.

Most furniture stores require that you need to wait 6 to 8 weeks for delivery of the furniture, with rent to own you will get your items delivered usually within 48 hours. If you have to move or want to change your furniture you can return the furniture and stop paying the rental fee.

Renting to own your furniture has no effect on your credit. If you are having credit problems, you don’t have to worry about be denied based on your credit history. If you have decent credit, you have the luxury of knowing that you have available credit in case an emergency arises. You also do not have to worry about bill collectors if you are unable to pay your bill.


If you feel that using a rent to own store is the only option you have for purchasing furniture, it is a sign that you have major financial issues. For most people buying goods from a rent to own store will only increase the financial hole that they have dug themselves in.


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